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This is another golf blog, for which the world was crying out.  In answer, here I will be writing opinion pieces on golf things I feel strongly about.

Now, I don’t read golf blogs as a general rule, but I do follow the professional and amateur game domestically (here is the U.S.) and internationally, both men and women, and this space will be a fine place to make my opinions known to what I can only anticipate will be a miniscule audience.  Really though, I believe many parties in the golf world could benefit from my insights and some constructive suggestions for improvement, so this is kind of a humanitarian, feel-good, helpful, pay-it-forward kind of thing.  In any event, I shall strive to be positive, to highlight the truly marvelous, and to be constructive at least in my criticisms.  This Internet Machine thing is full enough of snark and negativity as it is.

How this came about: My friend [MAT], on a recent visit, stood in my study and oogled, aghast, at the scale of my golf cap collection.  He then made the ludicrous suggestion I start a “blog” about them.  “Do a post on each one,” he said.  “It’ll be fun,” he said.  I thought he was mad.  (He is quite mad.)  Naturally here I am, typing things.

While I do have a considerable number of golf caps, I couldn’t see making a blog about JUST my hats.  However much I might love each of them, and however fascinating such a narrow focus would prove to be, hats will only be an occasional topic in the broader golf-infused tableau in this thing I have too cleverly dubbed Custom Grinds.

In all my years of playing and following this ridiculous game, I have acquired quite a tidy packet of knowledge of this masochist’s delight of a pastime (if I do say so myself, which of course I do, as you’ll see and grow weary of.)  This packet of wisdom and experience has filled my concomitant bushel basket of opinion to overflowing with very specific opinions about various facets of the game of golf.  I am going to share them with you here, perhaps weekly.  Perhaps on Tuesdays.  Tuesday-ish, let’s say.  You’re welcome in advance.


What Will NOT Be Here:

1)  No instruction.  Other than potentially suggesting two or three books related to instruction, I will not be posting instructional advice of any kind here.  I don’t give unsolicited advice on the course, and I certainly won’t give blanket advice shotgun-style here.

2)  No fluff.  This is not TMZ Golf Edition.  I shall avoid gossip-y blather about professional golfers, their equipment contracts, where they live in Orlando, any of that “What’s In The Bag” stuff, what car(s) they own, what management company squabble they’re in, what their non-golf hobbies are, who their caddy is/was/might be next, or their cat’s maiden name.  I couldn’t care less what they are paid to play, or how their marriages are working out, or any combination thereof.  I DO, however, reserve the right to comment on particularly appalling clothing choices.

3)  No @#$%.  Cursing will be avoided with a Flanders-like focus.  The Interwebs have enough cursing and coarseness (if you don’t believe me, let me be the first to welcome you here on your first day, ever, online; thanks for stopping by), and, while I am fully-trained and accredited in this area, the simple fact is it’s unnecessary.

4)  I reserve the right to ignore any of the above at any time.  They’re goals, not rules.  This isn’t Russia, Danny.

What WILL Be Here:

So what does that leave us?  The rest of golf.  Opinions and stories and commentary.  Golf caps, yes.  I have a few of them.  Equipment preferences.  Commentary on televised golf.  Opinions on courses I’ve played.  Favorite tournaments.  Amateur golf.  Caddies and caddying.  LARGE golf issues involving august and important governing bodies.  Books/authors I like.  On the rare chance I find a video or external content I am particularly entertained by I may share that with you, too.  Pretty much anything golf-related that I feel like spouting off about, really.  You get the idea.  You’re operating a computer and can read, so I don’t feel compelled to explain further.

There will be Comment functionality, allegedly.  Should you agree or disagree with my opinion(s), feel free to comment in a civil manner.  Assuming the comment functionality has any.  (This is my somewhat passive-aggressive way of telling you I will moderate the Comments at my sole discretion.)  There are many ways to play this very individualistic game, and who am I to tell you what to do.   I’m just trying to share what I do and what I know and what I like.

One final note on viewpoint.  My username is Luddite for a reason.  I have come grudgingly along with the technology in golf, and, while I believe some advancements have made the game better (eg softspikes), personally I believe many have not (and many have taken something simple and just made it more expensive.)  I’m not saying I want to play hickory shafts and gutta percha, but just because technology makes something possible doesn’t mean you should do it.

And with that, Welcome to Custom Grinds.